My photography has become a meditation on impermanence.

As a photographer, and documentarian, my work is about walking in nature. My morning and evening walks serve as my daily meditation. The act of taking pictures preserves the memory of the moment in my mind. Walking in the North Valley of Albuquerque has grounded me in the seasons and the rhythms of life. I am deeply grateful for the beauty that surrounds me.

Spring is a time of rebirth. The flowering trees are the first to bloom. They are a welcome burst of color after the drab winter months. Water begins to flow in the irrigation ditches around March 21st. This is a magical time because the flowering trees are reflected in the water. The smells and sounds of spring make the ditch come alive after the long winter months.


As the days gradually get longer, wildlife emerges in a symphony of color and activity. The sandhill cranes do their dance and cry out. The robins and red-winged blackbirds sing their songs. The hummingbirds arrive. The roadrunner dashes around looking for prey and nesting materials. The flowers are in bloom, and it feels like the cold weather has finally departed, when a storm brings back a blast of winter. High winds blow dust, elm seeds and cotton everywhere.

May arrives with beautiful roses decorating the landscape. All of a sudden it is summer.

During the monsoon season I find myself chasing rainbows. The fruit on the trees ripens for the harvest.

Fall is my favorite season. The storms blow in, and the days become shorter. The trees seem to be on fire and their reflections in the ditches are breathtaking. The sunflowers, purple asters, goldenrod, orange mallow, pyracantha, and morning glories brighten the ditch with their colors. The sandhill cranes and canada geese arrive and can be seen in the sky, fields and along the Rio Grande. I focus my lens in the dawn and dusk hours upon their arrivals and departures.

Before I know it winter has arrived. Winter in New Mexico is usually mild with occasional bursts of cold weather. I love the mists that form a layer over the fields in the morning. It is a wonderful surprise on my walks to see the sandhill cranes, canada geese, coyotes, and roadrunners. In the morning, hot air balloons dot the sky and float over the fields. When it snows the landscape is transformed for a few hours. I rush outside to document and capture the moment. Everything is transformed into a winter wonderland.

The change of seasons in New Mexico has grounded me in the rhythms of nature. My photography has become a meditation on impermanence. I hope that it inspires you to see your walks in a new way and perhaps stop for a moment and meditate on the beauty around you.